• Is it possible to damage a bank card by carrying it in a smartphone case?

  • Experts of the Center for Digital Expertise draw the attention of consumers to the problems that may arise if bank cards are stored near metal objects and equipment that emit radio waves. Read more

  • Russian robot model Dunyasha appeared on video

    Promobot, a manufacturer of service humanoid robots, in collaboration with Robin Hood Robotics, presented Dunyasha, a robot that sells ice cream, pours drinks and offers to listen to music while the customer is waiting. Read more

  • With the help of modern technologies, they recreated a person who lived on earth more than 10 thousand years ago

  • Computer games help develop technology. So, for example, thanks to them, it was possible to recreate the image of a person who lived more than 10 thousand years ago.

Read more

  • Nothing Phone: new details about the amazing gadget have become known

    There is a little more information about Nothing Phone.

  • Read more

  • LG has released an unusual dual monitor – DualUP with an aspect ratio of 16:18

  • LG announced the launch of the 27.6-inch DualUp Monitor 28MQ780. This new product has a very unusual screen aspect ratio of 16:18 and is priced at $699. Read more

    Babbit wireless speaker, recently launched in the North American market. The column is designed for family access, that is, it can be controlled by children who do not need to use the phone. The only problem for them may be that there is no access to paid music libraries or it is banal that the smallest ones cannot read.

    ATLAS 2030 – a children’s exoskeleton that will help put the baby on your feet.

    The concept of a new mobile phone designed by Anna Petrich is completely focused on children and allows you to contact by three contacts entered in advance. However, there are controversial points: the almost complete absence of controls and screen. But is this a downside?

    Robin – an artificial intelligence device with a screen that can communicate with children, helping them overcome stress, relieve anxiety and keep them company.

    Invasion of the human gene code is a controversial issue that has its own supporters and opponents. There are ample opportunities for specialists studying the human gene set to overcome numerous incurable diseases. So famous geneticist from China He Jiankui without permission changed the genome of children, making their body immune to deadly HIV. Робокот Nybble умеет танцевать, бегать и подавать лапку (9 фото + видео)

    Rostelecom-Solar investigated vulnerabilities in 14 common children’s mobile games. Many mobile applications have quite popular paid options. Users willingly pay, for example, for various gaming benefits.

    Today, editing the human genome only allowed in a few countries. It is generally accepted that China is the leader in this area. It was here that three years ago, researchers first conducted an experiment with editing the genome of human embryos. CRISPR/Cas9 technology helped them in this. And just recently, Chinese scientists made a loud statement. According to them, for the first time genetically modified twins were born to them. True, independent sources do not yet confirm this achievement, which has an incredibly revolutionary potential.

    A new open-source robotic kit called Nybble lets you build “the world’s most beautiful robot kitty” whose movements can be easily programmed. Pittsburgh-based scholar Dr. Rongjun Lee and his team say the cat represents a whole new approach to teaching the discipline. Новый кубик Рубика научит играть и устроит соревнования (9 фото + видео)

    Elari has launched a new children’s smartwatch on the market with support for the Alice voice assistant from Yandex. The digital assistant was trained to better understand the speech of the child and play all kinds of games with him.

    Infento is a unique and entertaining construction set that allows you to assemble about three dozen different vehicles. We are talking about a dimensional educational, really applicable toy for children and teenagers. Like Lego Technic or a Soviet-era iron construction set, nobor helps in creating all kinds of electric scooters, trikes and bicycles.

    One of the most popular toys known all over the world and selling well is the Rubik’s Cube. To an ordinary person, this generally simple cube seems to be the most difficult puzzle, while a modern robot will solve the problem in tenths of a second. And recently, a campaign was launched on Kickstarter, designed to both simplify and complicate the entire process of playing with the famous die.

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