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  • Gamer assembled a gaming PC in the toilet (video)

    Probably, this is the first toilet in the world, which, in addition to its main purpose, is able to run computer games without any problems. An enthusiast wanted to create a system that would allow him to play shooters with a mouse and keyboard while sitting on the toilet.

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  • Meat 3D printing technology created in Russia

    If you feel sorry for the animals, but want meat, then the Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP) has a solution for you – they have developed a 3D meat printing technology.

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  • Russian satellites “Ionosphere” will go into space in 2023 (2 photos)

    The launch of the first satellites into orbit within the framework of the Ionosonde project is scheduled for next year. This is stated on the pages of the magazine “Russian Space”, published by the state corporation “Roscosmos”.

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  • Nothing Phone 1 tested for strength (video)

    Yesterday, the Nothing Phone 1 smartphone was disassembled and tested for maintainability, and today it was tested for strength when dropped from a great height. Read more

  • What the new Russian orbital station will look like (5 photos)

    General Designer of RSC Energia im. S.P. Koroleva Vladimir Alekseevich Solovyov in an interview with the Russian Space magazine revealed some details about the future Russian orbital service station. Thanks to the release of the magazine, you can view the station in detail, including individual service modules.

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  • The Yandex team announced the launch of a new useful feature in the proprietary browser. As the press service notes, a unique technology for automatic offscreen translation of live broadcasts on YouTube has been added to the browser.

    A serious bug in the Safari browser was reported in a blog post by FingerprintJS. As a result of the identified bug, information about the user’s recent browsing history may be disclosed, and even some information about the Google account from which the browser was logged in.

    Cyber ​​Security Specialist from Croatia discovered a malicious extension in Chrome that allows access to information from users’ browsers through the data synchronization function.

    Computers under Windows and Mac are getting closer. Apple has updated its iCloud app for Windows, signaling the impending introduction of Chrome support. The innovation allows you to use iCloud passwords through the Chrome browser on Windows.

    For almost two years, WhatsApp messenger has been working on the implementation of calls in WhatsApp Web / Desktop (connection to the phone is always required) and now announces the start of the beta testing phase for voice and video calls.

    The world’s most popular Chrome browser is also the most resource-demanding application. This often leads to excessive power consumption and reduced autonomy in laptops and mobile devices, as well as increased Internet traffic.

    One of the most popular gamers in the world, the action-packed shooter Counter-Strike, which won the love of players in the late 90s of the last century, is becoming widely available to all users of personal computers. Now the beloved shooter Counter-Strike 1.6 can be installed directly in the browser without installing the game client.

    Internet users are constantly attacked by a huge number of advertisements. The fight against low-quality, intrusive and unauthorized advertising is actively conducted by Google, together with other high-tech companies as part of the Better Ads Coalition program. Already in August of this year, a restriction will be introduced on individual ads that do not comply with the new Better Ads Standard.

    Internet advertising is becoming a necessary evil, and users are trying to protect themselves as much as possible from intrusive online offers. However, Google Corporation receives the lion’s share of its income from the sale of advertising distributed to customers of the search giant. A new initiative from the Chromium developers to create an ad blocker for the Chrome browser (and possibly Chromium-based Edge) will be designed to provide a comfortable experience for customers, while at the same time preventing users from trying to block absolutely all advertising content.

    In the September update of Google Chrome, a feature was introduced that allows you to exchange links between the user’s desktop and phone. Currently in Chrome Beta v78. a similar function is being tested for phone numbers, which will make it easier to use the number found on the computer through a smartphone.

    Security is a basic requirement for working on the Internet. Google is constantly increasing its security requirements, in particular, it continues to work on deliberately discrediting the less secure HTTP protocol and creating more favorable conditions for the development of the HTTPS protocol.

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