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  • MacBook Air 2022 based on M2 chip shown at WWDC 2022 (4 photos)

    The updated MacBook Air is based on the new proprietary ARM M2 processor. The new laptop is available in silver, space grey, gold and bluish. As in the 2021 MacBook Pro, a “notch” appeared in the display.

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  • The unreleased Metasmart watch was shown in the photo (2 photos)

    Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the American social network Meta (recognized as an extremist organization in Russia), planned to release a smart watch, but after two developments, the project for some the reasons turned. However, photos of a working prototype appeared on the network.

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  • Russian engineers have created a 3D printer capable of printing from titanium Rostec State Corporation announces the development of an advanced 3D printing facility that will allow “growing” heavy-duty titanium and heat-resistant steel parts for aviation and space industry. We are talking about a vacuum cathode-beam 3D printer. The project was implemented by the Research Technological Institute “P… Read more

  • USB-C has been adopted as the new unified charging standard for all gadgets

    The European Union has passed a law requiring all future smartphones sold in the EU, including the iPhone, to be equipped with a universal USB-C port for charging. The measure should come into effect by autumn 2024.

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  • The first 64 Bitcon miners mined $84 billion worth of cryptocurrencies

    Scientists from universities in the US and Australia analyzed data from the early days of Bitcoin and found that mining resources during that period “were highly centralized.” According to them, it was a system supported by a small minority.

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    Armenia has sent its first satellite into the Earth’s orbit. It became part of the payload of the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle, which launched from the pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida on May 25.

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