AppleCare+ now covers lost and stolen iPhones in France

Years after the United States, Apple now offers to protect iPhones against theft and loss in France. A new formula which has a cost and whose interest depends on your situation.

Just before the announcement of the iPhone 14, Apple is upgrading its AppleCare+ in France. Well known to fans of products with an apple, this insurance formula is not new. It protects the brand’s main devices from everyday hassles. However, the offer differs depending on the country and France was not entitled to certain options . Until now, AppleCare+ offered subscribers access to Apple support and after-sales service in the event of technical problems; as well as the repair and replacement of the phone in the event of accidental damage. Everything is billed monthly or annually and prices vary depending on the device and model. From now on, the AppleCare+ offer offers a new formula covering the loss or theft of your iPhone. On its site, the apple brand details this guarantee which takes up the advantages of the classic formula; by adding protection against theft or loss of your device. The price varies according to the model More expensive than the initial firm, its price ranges from €7.49 per month for an iPhone SE 3 (€149 for 2 years) to €14.49 per month for an iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max (€289 for 2 years). Other recent models (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11) can be insured for €11.49 per month or €229 for 2 years. Only the Tim Cook group’s smartphone can benefit from this protection and the grid may change after the release of the iPhone 14.

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The firm also imposes some conditions to benefit from the guarantee. It is necessary to activate the Locate functionality throughout the claim process related to theft or loss. In addition, Apple will require to erase the data from the stolen or misplaced device, to deactivate it, and to transfer the ownership of it before being able to obtain a new device. Logical measures that allow Apple to ensure that certain users will not abuse its coverage. Beware of additional costs In addition and as for the other formula, additional costs apply. They amount to €29 for damage affecting the screen or the glass back and €99 for other accidental damage. In the event of theft or loss of the telephone, the deductible to be paid will be 129 €. With its new AppleCare+ offer, the Cupertino company is improving its insurance products to convince its customers. The advantage of such an option depends on your needs and before choosing, don’t forget to check your contracts already taken out. In some cases, they offer the same benefits.

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