Another blow to torrents fans – Arrests of Sparks Group members

A particularly large investigation has led to the arrest of several suspects on charges of piracy and copyright infringement. The investigation, conducted by US authorities in cooperation with 18 other countries and with the help of the US Department of Homeland Security and Europol, led to the arrest of members of the Sparks Group, which was known for releasing blockbuster titles.

Hundreds of Sparks Group servers went offline a few days ago in the Americas, Europe and Asia, the US Department of Justice said in a recent press release. The Sparks Group used these servers to illegally store and share content with users, causing, according to the authorities, millions in losses in the entertainment industry.

The members of this group managed to have movies on well-known torrent sites before their release, pretending to be DVD and Blu-Ray retailers to trick suppliers and get movies long before their release.

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