An SEO agency we can trust – how to recognize it?

Traffic data and keyword positions are a measure of the effectiveness of SEO optimization
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There are many criteria for choosing the right SEO agency, but among them we can highlight a few that are most important, because they will unequivocally guide you whether it is worth it trust it, or not.

Here’s how you can find out if an SEO agency will meet your expectations:

Communication speed

If you have contacted any SEO agency and you have started to negotiate cooperation, but the manager suddenly interrupts the communication and you fail to contact any of their employees during the specified working hours, this is a sure sign that you should look for another partner. Such behavior is indicative and comes to show you that the people who work there do not take their work seriously and will not treat their tasks with the necessary respect and adherence to deadlines. If you need a reliable partner you can count on, this is clearly not “your man.”

Of course, sometimes a wrong first impression can be made and communication is interrupted for a good reason. To check if it’s a coincidence or a style of behavior, you can set a test task, not particularly important to you, just to track the reaction – the speed and quality of its execution can reveal enough to make the right decision.

Experience in your niche

One SEO agency can successfully promote dozens of projects in different market segments, but that does not mean that it will handle the same ease with yours. Each niche has its subtleties and requires experience.

You can check the previous successful projects of the agency and see which clients it has worked well with. Usually these things are published on their site because they play the role of good advertising. If you find your prosperous colleagues on the list, that’s a good sign. Otherwise, ask directly about the agency’s experience in your niche and you will draw the appropriate conclusions from what you have heard.

Individual strategy

If the relevant SEO agency, to which you have turned your attention, offers an individual approach to customers, this speaks well of them and is a sure sign that they take to heart the needs of all customers, trying to answer them in the best way possible. Some professionals who have already proven themselves in the industry, even offer unique offers in which the client pays only on the basis of already achieved results.

It is very easy to check whether the agency whose services you are interested in relies on an individual approach. Just evaluate the offer they make to you and you will immediately notice whether it is made especially for you or just standard. Here are some questions you can ask to make sure you don’t go wrong: “How can I use this service to grow my company?”, “How do you plan to proceed, given the specifics of my business?” .

If you see that the SEO agency takes into account the specifics of your particular niche and manages to assess the real state of your site, this is a plus. Everything else is minus.

Team and office

This is also a serious indicator that can protect you from risks, although it can sometimes seriously mislead you, as very often excellent professionals work without an office. However, the presence of an office and a team of professionals in it definitely speaks of running a completely real, not just a virtual business. And this is important for many users.

Services and prices

Each business sets average prices for standard services in its own niche. And the lower the price of these services, the more suspicious you have to be. There is no such thing as “express SEO”. No one can do something 5 times faster than their competitors and ask for 5 times less for the service. Therefore, the cheaper a service is, the lower quality you will get.

As regards the services that the relevant SEO  agency offers, the smaller their number, the more specialized its activity, respectively – the higher professionalism you can count on. If a company offers a bunch of different services, surely some of them “exhale” in terms of quality.

How to follow the work of SEO agency?

This is usually done on the basis of regular reports, depending on the task. Most often, these are traffic data and keyword positions. The analysis includes a list of already completed tasks and a list of new ones for the period until the next report. If such a report is provided to you once a month, this is enough to assess the dynamics and quality of work.

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