• Blackview Introduces BL8800 Series – World’s First Rugged Phone with 5G, Thermal Camera and Night Vision

  • Blackview rugged phone brand has officially launched the Blackview BL8800 series (BL8800/BL8800 Pro), incorporating 5G technology and FLIR® thermal imaging technology. Read more

  • Phones worthy of Chuck Norris: harsh devices from North Korea

    Smartphones in North Korea: progress from 2002 to 2021. Is it true that they do not have Wi-Fi, social networks and games? Now we will tell.

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  • Alcohol for the Rich: Gamer’s sake will go on sale in Japan

    Gaming vodka. Sounds interesting, agree. But if in Russia it is still more of a drink for parties, then in Japan they really release sake, focused on gamers.

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  • How scammers can get a loan for you and how to protect yourself from it

    The procedure for obtaining loans and credits has been simplified, leaving a lot of loopholes for scammers. The Center for Financial Expertise of Roskachestvo explains whether it is really possible to get a loan without your knowledge.

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    Switzerland has created a huge aircraft powered by solar panels, which does not need land.

    German aerospace company H2FLY from Stuttgart sets a new world record for its four-seat HY4 aircraft, which on April 13 became the first hydrogen-fuelled passenger aircraft to reach an altitude of more than 2 km. In addition, the twin-body HY4 made the first hydrogen-powered flight from one major airport to another, covering 124 km from Stuttgart to Friedrichshafen on 12 April. Американцы показали прототип истребителя шестого поколения (2 фото + видео)

    Traveling with the comfort of five-star hotels has become familiar to owners of modern cruising marine yachts . Developers from Lufthansa Technik (the engineering division of the Lufthansa Group) decided to expand the possibilities for VIP tourists and create conditions for comfortable air travel. At the Dubai Air Show (UAE), the concept of a modernized cabin of a modern airliner was presented, allowing you to make long-haul flights in conditions comparable to the service offered by the best hotels or ocean-going yachts.

    Last week, Rolls-Royce announced in an official press release that during flight tests on 16 November at the UK Department of Defense’s Boscombe Down Experimental Range, the company’s all-electric Spirit of Innovation aircraft reached a speed of 623 km/h . The result was a new world speed record for this class of aircraft. In addition, three more world records were set, the results of which were submitted for registration to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI, World Air Sports Federation).

    Northrop Grumman Corporation released a video showing where you can see the concept fighter of the sixth generation, located in the company’s hangar.

    The electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation, developed by Rolls-Royce, has entered its first flight tests and completed a 15-minute test flight. According to the developers, the project is moving to the stage of intensive flight tests.

    The concept of a futuristic electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) called NextGen was presented by Airbus developers. Outwardly similar to Batman’s fantastic aircraft, the new NextGen will be presented as a full-size prototype as early as 2023.

    Engineers from the Langley Research Center (LaRC or NASA Langley), located in Hampton, Virginia, have successfully completed a series of tests of the external vision system of the NASA X-59 Quiet aircraft SuperSonic Technology (QueSST), including flight testing and design reliability testing. The external vision system XVS (eXternal Vision System) includes a 4K display designed to replace the windshield in the cockpit of the experimental supersonic aircraft X-59 QueSST, created using “quiet supersonic technology”. Also included in XVS is a software platform and a camera system.

    POWER UP introduces the PowerUp 4.0 equipment kit to the market, which allows you to turn an ordinary children’s paper airplane into a flying model equipped with a gyroscopic stabilizer, remotely controlled from a smartphone .

    The Leo Coupe compact flying car was created by startup engineers Urban eVTOL and designer Carlos Salaf of SALAFF Automotiv, and the power plant was designed by Pete Bitar from Electric Jet Aircraft. The car of the future belongs to the class of aircraft with vertical takeoff eVTOL. In 2020, Tetra Aviation (Japan) received a grant of 100 thousand dollars for the development of one local electric aircraft Mk-5 with vertical takeoff (eVTOL class). The cash reward was provided based on the results of the GoFly Prize aircraft competition, held under the auspices of Boeing.

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