A British developer is preparing a series of home robots

Dyson robots are emerging as valuable helpers in household chores
(photo: Dyson )

H several prototype robots in the role of helpers in the household showed the British developer Dyson. The company plans to hire several hundred engineers over the next five years to work on the project.

Dyson’s first production model of a home robot is expected to hit the market by 2030, the Guardian said. The developer describes the machine as an “autonomous device for household chores and other tasks.”

The presented prototypes demonstrate the manufacturer’s achievements in the fine motor technology of the manipulators: robotic limbs remove the dishes from dryer, vacuum furniture and collect toys.

The company, best known for its vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, has highlighted its growing interest in artificial intelligence technologies in recent years. Its new strategic direction will be marked by the “largest recruitment campaign” in the company’s history.

Dyson has currently opened 250 positions for “computer” specialists. vision, machine learning, sensors and mechatronics ”. In the next 5 years, the company will employ 700 people, and this year alone the staff will increase by 200.

The development of technology will be carried out in a new facility – the company began construction of the largest robotics research center in the United Kingdom at Hullavington Airfield Airport, not far from the existing design center in Malmsbury (Wiltshire).

The center had previously planned to develop an electric vehicle Dyson, but the project was canceled in 2019. Work on the project will also take place in the London laboratory and in Singapore, where the company is headquartered.

(Dyson) has long decided to bet of robotics: in 2020, the company announced plans to invest $ 3.45 billion in this area along with new engine technologies and machine learning algorithms. This year, Dyson will spend $ 750 million from the budget.

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