You just can't see that. Nothing Phone has not been announced yet, and the manufacturer is already auctioning it for thousands of dollars

Although the official launch of Nothing Phone (1) is not due until July 12, the company, which has proven to be very talented in the field from the beginning, has once again come up with a way to promote this “unknown” phone even more. It has launched a sales auction for loyal fans.

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At the time of writing Nothing Phone (1), absurd amounts such as $ 280,000 (6.5) appeared in the auction. million crowns). However, these are only offers and it is not certain that someone will actually buy them at this price. However, the first real buyers bought the phone for more than $ 2 thousand

This takes place on the well-known StockX exchange and has the first 100 Nothing Phones (1) available. This is an exclusive line of the first hundred manufactured pieces, which are numbered and each of them has its own number engraved on the side, so that it is forever clear that these are the first models.

Aura of unavailability and shining back

However, due to the auction, the company had to stop walking around the hot mess and show the phone officially. So we have the first photos of the phone with a very original design with a transparent back decorated with lots of LEDs, which will definitely give the phone a touch of something new. With this appearance and a certain aura of unavailability of the long-awaited product, the company is testing how much the phones will be expensive for.

it was not long before speculators began to push the price of the phone very high on the stock exchange, and for example the first piece, which was actually auctioned, was subsequently sold for $ 2,651 (CZK 63,000 excluding tax). But then speculators rushed to the stock market and tried to screw the price of the phone to astronomical heights.

Toto jsou první dojmy z Nothing Phonu. Na jeho zádech najdeme 900 diod, které dokážou blikat v rytmu vyzvánění

At the time of writing, completely absurd amounts appeared in the offers, such as $ 280,000 (6.5 million crowns). Of course, this does not mean anything, as there would have to be a counterparty who would be willing to buy the phone for this price. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this marketing move will work for the company, and at what prices the phones will eventually be sold. The auction of phones will take place until Thursday, June 23.

Teaser on Nothing Phone (1):

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