Xiaomi's latest innovation enables real full-screen displays – and the front camera is gone

Will the first real fullscreen smartphones without a front camera and similar elements be available in the near future? Xiaomi is already ready for it.

Especially in the area of ​​displays, a lot had happened in recent years. On the one hand there are the foldables that are now available for purchase, the first smartphones with foldable displays are on the market and are already convincing. Now there is the next innovation that has a particular impact on the front of modern smartphones. ZTE and other manufacturers are now making the front camera disappear, behind or under the display.

Xiaomi is sending the third generation of its under-display camera into the race, the first smartphones equipped with it will be available in the coming year. Mass production for future Android smartphones should be possible, the company proudly reports during the announcement of its great growth figures.

Camera should snap without restrictions

Xiaomi speaks of completely new developments to arrange the pixels on the display differently. The quality of the display shouldn’t suffer from this, but the camera can look through it and gets enough light. An algorithm should prevent unavoidable optical effects that cannot be completely avoided with this design.

Xiaomi’s new technology enables the screen to direct light through the gap area of ​​subpixels so that each individual pixel can maintain a full RGB subpixel layout without compromising the pixel density. The area of ​​the camera should be able to offer the same brightness and color accuracy as the rest of the display.

Xiaomi is not alone

The performance offered by the front camera should not deviate from that of conventional front cameras. Which still sounds a bit like a miracle to me, but we’re definitely excited. In addition to Xiaomi, ZTE has already announced a smartphone with such a front camera, albeit for this year. Samsung has been developing this technology for years.

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