What a leap for AirPods Pro 2: new chip, USB-C and heart rate detection

Come back talking about true wireless headphones, the new generation of AirPods Pro that Apple is preparing for the launch which, most likely, will take place in the next fall. In the last few hours, important details have emerged on what to expect from the specifications techniques .

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The new AirPods Pro 2 , according to what has just been reported by 52Audio , will sport interesting technical innovations which will mark a significant departure from what has been seen on the current generation. Starting from design , the renderings you find in gallery were processed based on the new details that emerged: we see the stem , confirming that there will also be for the AirPods Pro 2, in contrast to the first rumors that emerged on the net.

But be careful, because the AirPods Pro 2 will include interesting news also from the point of view of Technical specifications. Let’s go and see them together:

  • Integration of new chip H1 updated, which will propose improved features for adaptive noise cancellation and improved energy efficiency.
  • Compatibility with Find My , the object location service of Apple.
  • Detection of the heart rate starting from the contact of the headphones with the ear.
  • Improved sound quality , which will switch from an improved dynamic range.
  • Port USB Type -C , instead of the Lightning port which it was rumored in the latest rumors.
  • Compatibility with services for users with hearing problems . This functionality should be based on the collection of sound by the charging case, which will then be piped to the headphones for listening.

If everything were officially confirmed it would be a important leap in quality for the new AirPods Pro from Apple, with practically unpublished features in the panorama of true wireless headphones, as well as in the Cupertino house.

emerged comes from internal sources to 52Audio, for which it is not possible to verify the reliability . Keep following us to stay updated on the next details that will accompany the AirPods Pro 2 until the official launch.

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