Tubeless Tweel tires are not afraid of nails and other tests


Покрышки Tweel

The new Z740R ZTrak lawn mower from John Deere will receive innovative Tweel tires instead of standard wheels. They are distinguished by a special hollow structure – there is no chamber for air, instead of it, the functions of a shock absorber are performed by the spokes of the wheel. They are made of polymer resin – as is the hub and outer rim with an embossed pattern.

When driving over obstacles Tweel wheels deform in proportion to the amount of interference, after which they return to their original shape. There is nothing to break here, such wheels are not afraid of punctures, cuts, they can be driven on any garbage, collecting all small sharp pieces of iron on tires.

The disadvantage of these tires is that the narrow outer edge can damage weak green spaces when manoeuvring. Plus, Michelin’s Tweel wheels are priced at $590 a set, but they have an estimated lifespan three times longer than traditional ones. And company representatives say that such structures are very easy to repair and upgrade. Покрышки Tweel

Покрышки Tweel

Source — John Deere

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