TikTok is preparing competition for Spotify and Apple Music. Its music streaming service will be more social

TikTok has always been associated with music, it started as a karaoke app and although it has moved on since then, it still sticks to music. He even wants to dedicate himself to it so much that his parent company ByteDance is apparently planning to create a completely new independent music service very similar to Spotify.

Facebook okopíruje TikTok. Bude vizuálnější a zaplaví vás obsahem lidí, které neznáte

It indicates the patent which Chinese the giant ByteDance applied in the USA and Australia and which was pointed out by the server Business Insider. The documentation describes a new service called TikTok Music, which will focus on buying, streaming and downloading music, both single songs and entire albums. There will also be the ability to play music videos and add comments to the content.

It all sounds like a classic music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music, just maybe with a bit more social aspect.

TikTok it does not have to go far

Existence of patents usually does not guarantee that the company will use it and actually come up with the described product/service. In this case, however, the creation of TikTok Music is very likely because ByteDance already operates exactly such a service.

It’s called
Resso and it offers practically everything described in the patent, and even a little more – fairly strong community aspect. But most of the world doesn’t know about it because it is only available in Brazil, India and Indonesia.

ByteDance handles the service smartly. In Brazil, every TikTok post that contains music directly adds a link to Resso, where users can play the song in full, thereby constantly promoting itself. The idea that the company would like to extend this concept to the West is not so wild, it actually seems completely logical.

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