There is no water resistance as water resistance. Samsung received a huge fine in Australia for misleading advertising

Samsung’s Australian branch has to pay a fine, in terms of,, 227 million crowns for misleading advertising regarding the water resistance of its smartphones. Samsung in advertisements between March 2016 and October 2018 for the Galaxy S7 , Galaxy S8 and

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These phones had increased resistance IP68 , which states that the phone will “survive” up to 30 minutes a maximum of one and a half meters below the water surface, but this IP protection only applies to fresh water. Ads from Samsung suggested the exact opposite, meaning that it is perfectly fine if you go surfing or diving under the sea with your phone, while Samsung stated and still states on the web The reality is that durability does not apply when using phones on beaches or swimming pools.

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Samsung’s Australian subsidiary ads that gave the impression that it is possible to use phones with IP68 be resistance from problems under the sea or in the pool

In 2019, the Australian ACCC to protect customers’ rights shed light on Samsung. It responded to numerous complaints from users who exposed their phones to water and then were not surprised. It turned out that the weakest point of the whole chain is the charging connector. So if users put a phone in the charger whose connector was not yet completely dry, there was a problem. Very soon it was not possible to recharge the phone, or oxidation progressed to the phone, which soon stopped working.

As before for a few years they looked at the water resistance of the phones:

The Australian branch admitted to breaking the law and invites all affected users to contact her. And this is an important warning for you before the summer . Even though your smartphone, whatever its brand, meets the IP67 or IP68 resistance standards, keep in mind that it is only protected against fresh water. Salty seawater disrupts otherwise impermeable membranes or even damages connectors that are not protected in any way from external influences.

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Samsung describes what the IP 68 standard means in the Galaxy series (Source: Samsung )

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