The remains of the largest megaraptor in history were found in Patagonia


A team of paleontologists led by Mauro Aranciaga Rolando has excavated the skeleton of one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs known to science. It was discovered back in 2019, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, excavations had to be postponed. The extinct monster was named “Maip macrothorax” in honor of the evil spirit from the mythology of the Patagonian people Teulche.

Found the remains indicate that the dinosaur had a length of up to 10 m and a weight of about 5 tons, which made it an incredibly dangerous predator. For comparison, other megaraptors were up to 8 m long and were only a meter taller than a person, but at the same time they were incredibly efficient when hunting. Мегараптор


Outwardly, megaraptors looked like tyrannosaurs, with which they were confused in the past, but new research points to two fundamental differences. First, the bones of megaraptors were partially hollow, which made them excellent runners. Secondly, the small forelimbs were actually very developed, and with the help of claws up to 35 cm long, the raptors could inflict terrible wounds on their prey. Мегараптор

There is a version that megaraptors could even grab their victims and tear them apart without using their mouths, because their teeth are rather small. Probably, these predators relied on the speed and strength of their claws, and their size allowed them to hunt almost any game that lived on the territory of modern Argentina 70 million years ago. Мегараптор


Source – CONICET

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