The new Firefox brings the best features from PCs to mobile phones

Firefox Daylight is an update that fundamentally changes the look and feel of the popular mobile browser. The URL bar has been moved, night mode has been added, and even more emphasis is placed on security, privacy and browser speed. Compared to the previous version it is 10% faster.

There are so many changes that Firefox will offer you a wizard the first time you launch it, which will allow you to activate the news immediately or leave it unnoticed. First of all, it is a move of the address bar, which you can have at the bottom of the display. Why? Because it’s easier to reach on large diagonal displays. The back button has disappeared, while Picture in Picture (PiP) and dark mode have been added. It can be activated manually or switched off and on with the entire operating system.

Firefox Daylight in action:

Collections will allow you to store and organize websites for later visits. But these are not bookmarks. Collections should be short-lived and frequently edited, while bookmarks are used over long periods of time. Collections can be shared and should allow group collaboration in the future.

Another major innovation is the ability to install add-ons from third-party developers. There are 10 of them so far and they are Mozilla certified. In terms of security, Firefox can protect you from trackers that try to misuse your browsing data. There are three levels of protection to choose from.

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