Secure your phone before your summer vacation. Fake applications have once again brought banking malware to the Czech Republic

Android users can’t tell. Due to the fact that the platform allows the installation of applications downloaded from the internet, some are putting themselves at huge risk. By this we mean banking malware with malicious codes that users install on their phones themselves.

With the vision that they will install an otherwise premium mobile game for free on Android, or even a game with modifications that bypass various restrictions (in-game currency, cooldown, etc.) . But thanks to this, in the end, they can lose far more money than the original game on Google Play would cost them.

Banking malware has been in the Czech Republic for a long time

Banking malware has been in the Czech Republic’s sights for a long time, even during the summer holidays. At the same time, it gets into the phone seemingly unseen, in the form of so-called wrappers. These are malicious codes, thanks to which the application disguises itself as another or even downloads malware itself. Some applications are able to regularly rename themselves and try to look like system applications in order to make their uninstallation as difficult as possible for the user. However, the goal of all malware is obvious – to function as long as possible without the user becoming suspicious.

Nejvíc v březnu na Androidu škodil bankovní malware, objevil se i v Česku

These five apps from Google Play were supposed to help “clean” your phone , instead infecting it with malware. These applications, which often change their name and icon in the main menu, have been downloaded by over a million users

Among the most frequently occurring malware in The Czech Republic can be classified as the Trojan horse Andreed, which literally clutters smartphones with aggressive advertising . This may not sound so dangerous at first glance, but malware in the background can collect information about users and what they do on the Internet. It is this malware that is diagnosed in a third of cases in the Czech Republic.

However, a non-negligible seven percent is made up of the Triada banking trojan. In its new form, it can modify verification SMS messages and thus manipulate financial transactions in mobile applications. They are not as protected as internet banking. In the worst case, the Triad will redirect the money for in-app purchases directly to the attackers. On the contrary, the previously widely used banking malware Cerberus

was more likely to collect money in June, and it is slowly on the retreat. How to secure the phone in the summer?

To you were not surprised by a dangerous trojan or malware on your mobile phone, you must be extremely careful about what you installe on your phone. For Android, this means installing from the Google Play store, so definitely do not install on your phone the installation files downloaded from the Internet or from various alternative stores of dubious origin.

During the holidays, you should also be wary of public hotel Wi-Fi networks, typically unsecured, Wi-Fi networks, as an attacker can eavesdrop and further misuse the information obtained. Always keep your phone updated to the latest version of firmware and security, the same applies to the up-to-dateness of applications. Protect access to your phone or confirmation of bank operations with your fingerprint or at least face recognition.

Source: Mcafee

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