Samsung officially says goodbye to the Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 10

Mobile World Congress 2022 is currently taking place in Barcelona, ​​which was used by the head of the Samsung smartphone department, Ro Tae Moon, to announce the dismissal of the Galaxy Note brand. He has served his long time, the era of phablets has come to an end, now is the time of multifunctional universal smartphones. However, the company does not intend to give up gadgets with a large screen – now they will be produced under the brand name Galaxy S Ultra.Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note is almost a legend, born from a controversial presentation at the IFA in Berlin back in 2011. At that time, many wondered why a phone with a screen diagonal of 5.3 inches, which was prohibitively large by those standards, was needed at all. The S Pen stylus was attached to it, which looked like a mockery – everyone had already tried the possibilities of touch screens and did not understand why this archaism from the era of handheld computers. Galaxy Note

But only a couple of months passed and Samsung triumphantly announced that it had already sold over a million Galaxy Notes. Both the brand itself and the concept of phablets proved to be in demand and stayed on the market for ten years. But everything is moving, everything is changing, and foldable devices are now in vogue – therefore, when the Galaxy Note was not on the list of new products announced for 2022 six months ago, experts made the right conclusions that the manufacturer decided to close this line. Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note

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