Samsung GALAXY S22: Three Impressive Changes In Your Phone

Samsung GALAXY S22 is to get three impressive changes that Samsung has been working on for some time, and they will be offered together in the new models. The first of these changes is the AMD video card, which I’ve been hearing about for several years, and which seems to be finally ready to be offered, but integrated into an Exynos chip of the Korean company.

Samsung GALAXY S22 would have here an extremely important collaboration between Samsung and AMD, and this is because the American company makes some of the best video cards for computers . Implementing a powerful video card in the Samsung GALAXY S22 would give the phone series the ability to compete seriously with competing models, which have always had better components.

Samsung GALAXY S22 also to have a camera hidden under the screen, something that no one hopes to see with the new phone model, but it seems that everything is finally ready. We have been told repeatedly that this technological improvement is too difficult to offer in the Samsung GALAXY S22, but it seems that Samsung has found a way to offer even this major change to customers around the world now.

Samsung GALAXY S22 has finally announced the implementation of a technology that will allow us to make a constant optical zoom, ie a zoom of up to 2x / 3x without using a dedicated telephoto image sensor. This technology would allow for a more fluid optical zoom when Samsung GALAXY S22 users want to take pictures of objects, or landscapes, at greater distances, and that would be a major change.

Samsung GALAXY S22 has announced all these major changes only with the title of rumor for now, so it remains to be seen how many will come true, but they are repeated, so it is clear that they are being worked on seriously.

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