OPPO Enco Air2: the lightest earphones ever tried

The first thing you notice when you pick up the OPPO Enco Air2 is the obvious resemblance to the first model of AirPods. But, past the moment of nostalgia, one cannot help being surprised at how light these earphones are.

I think they are by far the lightest earphones I have ever tried but, beyond the weight, they also have more to say: even with a few small stumbles, they are certainly among the earphones to recommend to those who do not like rubber pads. Let’s see why.

  • “>”data-src=” https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/212yC2QBwfL._SL500_.jpg “height=” 500 “loading=” lazy “src=” data: image / svg + xml,% 3Csvg% 20xmlns=’http: //www.w3.org/2000/svg’viewBox=’004538’%3E%3C/svg%3E “title=” OPPO Enco Air2 True Wireless Earphones, 24h Autonomy, Fast Charging, Bluetooth 5.2, 10m Range, Touch Controls, AI Noise Cancellation, Android and iOS, IPX4, White”width=” 500 “> “> € 59.99

    69.99 € – 14%

The sales package is very standard, it includes a USB / USB-C cable for charging and manuals.

The appearance of the case is quite peculiar, with the lid in translucent plastic that lets you glimpse the earphones inside. It’s a simple variation from the usual, but it gives character to the earphones, I like it. The case is quite slim and compact, and fits comfortably into all pockets.

Both the case and the headphones are obviously and entirely in plastic , but the build quality it seems good. There is also resistance to liquids, with IPX4 certification .

The earphones are really extremely light: just 3.5 grams , the lightest I’ve ever tried. This weight reduced to a minimum and the absence of rubber pads makes them particularly comfortable to wear, even for several hours.

However, not having rubber pads has some contraindications: like all earphones with this form factor, sound insulation is practically zero (and there is no ANC, of ​​course). This means that by wearing them in noisy places, for example on the subway, but also in a very busy area, you may have some problems hearing music and podcasts. On the contrary, they are great for outdoor walks, where on the contrary it can be important to listen to the surrounding world.

For sport I am a way out of the way: the IPX4 certification guarantees that they do not get ruined with a little sweat, but the stability to the ear is not very high. Mind you: with normal use they never fall, but we cannot exclude that with sudden movements they remain firmly in the ears.

Good sound sector , at least for the price range: do not expect the excellence of the top-of-the-range models, but overall the 13.4 mm drivers do their job and reproduce the various frequencies quite well. A praise in particular for highs and medium-highs, also enhanced by the form factor (which certainly does not reward the lows).

In this regard, from the companion app HeyMelody there is no real equalizer, but only three presets called “live sound effects” with fairly clear names: original sound , bass boost And clear voices .

Although the HeyMelody app is also available on the App Store, the iOS version does not support these headphones (nor any other recent model of OPPO or OnePlus earphones). We therefore recommend the use of these OPPO Enco Air2 only with Android .

For maximum functionality, however, you have to use them with OPPO smartphones : in this case, in addition to the pop up for quick pairing, there is also the possibility to use the earphones as shutter button for the camera.

Otherwise, from the HeyMelody app you can check battery levels, update firmware, activate or disable the game mode (which reduces the latency audio) and customize the touch controls .

Curiously, the default controls they do not have a system to play or pause, so it is highly recommended to modify the controls. Although not fully customizable, there is a positive note to report on the controls: by holding down the left and right earphone it is possible to adjust the volume (left earphone lowers, right earphone raises).

Unfortunately proximity sensors are missing and therefore there is no system that automatically pauses the music when you remove the earphones from your ears. This is for me the main flaw of the product, since the automatic Play / Pause systems are now quite widespread even in the low end of the market.

Bluetooth is in version 5.2 , the connection to the smartphone has always been fast and stable and the supported codecs are SBC and AAC (no aptX).

The microphones have been a pleasant surprise, especially in noisy contexts: OPPO has included a system of elimination of call noises , which works pretty well. There is a negative note, namely that our voice is always a bit metallic , but the positive aspect is that you can make a phone call in almost any condition, even with background noise.

Check out the recordings below: in the second case, the traffic noise (complete with the rattle of trams) was really noticeable, but the audio is relatively clean.

The overall autonomy is about 24 hours, but with a single recharge they last about 4 hours : a result slightly below the average of the category , which usually offers at least an hour more.

The list price is € 69.99, but luckily there are almost always on Amazon for ten euros less, € 59.99 . The price is evidently very inviting : overall the earphones work very well and the form factor will make happy users who do not like rubber pads (and who recently do not have many choices).

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    69.99 € – 14%


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Final judgement

OPPO Enco Air2

The OPPO Enco Air2 are a great pair of cheap earphones , especially recommended to those who don’t like rubber pads. Those who have an OPPO smartphone have one more reason to buy them, but they are also fine with any Android device. Strengths include good audio quality, excellent microphones, gaming modes and a very attractive price , a pity only for the absence of automatic play / pause.

Final vote

OPPO Enco Air2


  • Very light and very comfortable
  • Good audio quality
  • Great microphones
  • Decent Companion App and Gaming Mode
  • Good price


  • No Play / Automatic Pause
  • Autonomy slightly below average
  • Some exclusive functions with OPPO smartphone and iOS app not supported

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