Not for sale: Pixel 4a missed the second color – Google only sells the “boring” model

The new Google smartphones can almost only be customized with a case, because there is no selection of colors ex works. It was planned differently.

To offer a new and conventional smartphone for the mass market in just one color, Google is definitely conspicuous again. The Pixel 4a on offer is all the less noticeable, because the new  smartphone is available internationally in just one color. Google only blacks out our “choice”. It’s definitely subtle, but it’s kind of boring. 3D images prove that Google’s plans were actually different.

A strikingly bright blue variant was planned for the Pixel 4a, which then has an orange power button. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but a cool option nonetheless. So far there are no indications that Google will offer another color at some point in the future. If you take a little more time with the market launch, then the colors are almost obsolete anyway.

Google Pixel 4a was also planned in blue

In recent years, Google has also offered blue and orange in addition to black and white, and the upcoming Pixel 5 will come in a light mint green. Other manufacturers are much more colorful. So far, however, Google has not communicated why they are so cautious about the color range.

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