Nokia 5.3 – Scandinavian minimalism and durability

Nokia 5.3 relies on the traditional HMD Global approach – clean and secure Android
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Simple, clean, durable, with very powerful battery, secure… This is Nokia 5.3 – a smartphone for everyone who is looking for a device for everyday use that will serve them faithfully. Its interface is light, not overloaded with extras and additional applications.

In other words, the software of this model is dominated by Scandinavian minimalism, while also being very durable – with one charge it can last a day and a half and even two with intensive use. In addition, Nokia 5.3 relies on the already traditional HMD Global approach – clean and secure Android for people who want regular and uncompromising support.


In terms of design, 5.3 is a classic smartphone with nothing sensational. Simple in appearance, with a minimum of buttons, no special effects on the outside, no glossy shine and special effects, it is clad in a polycarbonate lid that will last a long time.

A useful and practical innovation is the easy access to Google Assistant via a special button placed on the left side of Nokia 5.3.

However, the built-in LED indicator for notifications, embedded in the power button, is a remarkable improvement – an extra that we can wish to be perceived by other smartphone manufacturers and become a classic. At least as long as there are smartphones with buttons.

Laid in the hand, the phone feels strong and solid, stable. The matte plastic on the back is actually commendable – it doesn’t scratch easily and doesn’t irritate the eye with fingerprints.


The face of 5.3 looks traditional: Nokia has chosen a screen with a diagonal of 6.55 inches, HD + resolution ( 720×1600) and Gorilla Glass 3. The viewing angle and colors are good. In terms of brightness, there is more to be desired – in bright sunlight, it may be insufficient and require some staring.

Software: cleanliness and security

Nokia is really serious about the idea that the available version of Android 10 is better than anything else available as smartphone software. There are no third-party programs, no own “extras”, no “special interface” – everything is clean and simple. There is no software “inflation”, which loads the phone, consumes a large amount of memory and slows down the basic functions.

Hence the high level of security – a key advantage that HMD relies on for several years. All security updates and fixes are quick and easy.

Probably in today’s world, where most consumers expect every new smartphone to have a number of “wow” extras, this simplicity and clarity is not the strongest advertising weapon, but for people who expect their phone to be strong, secure and reliable, this is one of the best offers.

Productivity: satisfied

Nokia 5.3 is powered by a Snapdragon 665 chipset with 4GB or 6GB of RAM, depending on the option. There is 64 GB of storage space that can be supplemented via a microSD card.

In other words, the performance of the smartphone is quite sufficient for it to perform its duties, but will not withstand loads such as powerful games.


Those who “shrink” their smartphones from all sorts of applications are used to charging every night and even use every convenient moment to recharge the battery. All of them may cause some envy towards Nokia 5.3 users. On board this phone there is a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, which is suitable for all day intensive use and will still remain charged for another half day.

And if we assume that Nokia 5.3 users are people who do not expect dozens of extras from their phone, they will probably use it sparingly and with one charge they will be able to spend two days.


The quad camera of Nokia 5.3 corresponds to the phone category. The main camera has a 13MP sensor, which is combined with a 5MP ultra-wide camera. It also has a 2MP macro sensor and another depth sensor.

The slightly bluish tint of the photos taken with Nokia 5.3 is impressive. Some attribute this nuance to the peculiarities of the display, but when looking at the photos on a computer screen you can see that the cool shade comes more from the camera sensor.

You can say that the smartphone handles photos outdoors quite well. In this case, the images are vivid, contrasting, pleasant. Indoor light may be insufficient, which affects the quality of the photos. In other words, in ideal conditions, the smartphone will take perfect pictures; in other cases the consumer will have to accept some compromise.

Is it worth it?

Nokia 5.3 is a 4G smartphone for people who expect to get everything they need for full communication and not only that – except “hello”, to document certain moments with the camera (no claim to super-photography), to be able to exchange messages with friends, to navigate on the way to an unknown destination, to play.

photo: Nokia / HMD Global

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