Netflix, HBO Max and Disney + for the weekend: Mr. Bean hunts a bumblebee. The Koreans filmed the Paper House. Dr. Strange and Venom

24. June 2022

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The Umbrella Academy

Thirty years ago, forty women gave birth to a child suddenly, even though they were not pregnant. Seven of them were taken on by a mysterious millionaire who built a children’s team of superheroes out of them. When he died after a while, now adults but highly disputed orphans, he must reunite. Netflix introduces the third line of the popular superhero comic, which plays ingeniously with time.

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IMDB Rating: 80%

  • Comic Book Series (2019)
  • 30 episodes (new since June 22, 2022)
  • Netflix
  • Special: Netflix

    Netflix is popular streaming in vista ideological service. In addition to the movies, series and documentaries he buys, he also produces his own content. There are also many popular Czech films, a large part of foreign production contains Czech subtitles, some titles also have Czech dubbing.

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