Microsoft Edge in iOS 14 as the default browser option is coming

Microsoft Edge can become very popular among Apple users
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

Users of iOS-based devices will be able to use Microsoft Edge as the default browser in the system, replacing Apple Safari. Microsoft Edge in iOS 14 option will appear with the new version of iOS, which is expected to be released today.

This is a big change for Apple, as the company has so far used Safari as the default browser on its platform. Many users are likely to abandon the Apple browser in favor of alternative solutions such as Edge or Chrome, and now there will be an easy way to do so.

One of Edge’s recent updates invited users to make it the default browser on iOS. This feature is already a fact in the latest beta version of iOS 14 and will become available to users with the release of the stable version of the mobile platform.

When updating Microsoft Edge in iOS 14, a message appears prompting the user to use the browser as the default browser. This means that the user only has to agree to use Edge to replace Safari.

The innovation will probably appeal to users who are already using the desktop version of Edge, which is gradually becoming more popular. Microsoft is actively enforcing its browser across all platforms. Since the introduction of the new Edge, based on Chromium, the browser has grown in popularity.

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