iPhone 12 production will begin in mid-September

The Japanese agency Nikkei has announced that the iPhone 12 series phones are ready and their production will start in mid-September. So far, however, in limited quantities. Mass production is planned for the turn of September and October.

iPhone 12 production will be delayed for about a month compared to the traditional August deadline according to the agency’s sources, which are close to the production process. Apple thus managed to pull down the several-month slide for several weeks. This information also indicates that we will not see on the announced keynote iPhone 12.

Apple would reportedly like to catch up and order components for the production of up to 80 million 5G iPhones by the end of the year, however, sources still state that such a number will probably not be able to catch up with the current pace. Interestingly, the most affordable 6.1 OLED model with two rear cameras will start production first, and overall Apple wants to pre-supply it best. Of all the iPhones that will go into production in the fall, this model should represent about 40%.

In addition, Apple is said to have significantly increased the production of upcoming iPads with the vision of increased sales associated with the coronavirus situation. People work more from home and buy tablets for video calls with loved ones. Apple believes a lot in iPads, ordering the production of 27 million units for the last quarter of this year alone. According to the Nikkei, this is roughly the same amount that the company ordered last year in the last six months.

The tablet is expected to be unveiled on September 15, along with the AirTag tracker, which production has already begun, according to Nikkei sources.

Source: Nikkei

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