iPhone 12 fingerprint sensor on the side?

Apple has officially announced the launch date of the iPhone 12, which is actually October 13th. There are still a few days until the event for the latest leaks and rumors.

So in the latest news we have a report that says that the iPhone 12 will have a side fingerprint sensor. All this is based on an image that shows that the Power Button of the upcoming smartphones has a built-in fingerprint scanner. Could this be true?

The truth is that the iPhone 12 could indeed have a side fingerprint sensor built into the Power Button. Let’s not forget that it is a technology that many companies have been using Android smartphones and laptops for a long time, so from a technological point of view it is possible.

The company also recently launched an iPad with a fingerprint scanner in the Power Button, called the Power Button Touch ID. So why not add the same technology to the iPhone 12?

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