If you run out of data at T-Mobile in the summer, you will once again activate as much in the mobile application and for free

T-Mobile today unveiled its summer campaign, which revolves around mobile data. During the event, which is valid from 1 July to 31 August, existing customers can enjoy a double portion of mobile data free of charge, once during each calendar month, depending on the billing period.

T-Mobile přijde s novými tarify. Ceny nesníží, ale na vyžádání vrátí službu, která dřív byla samozřejmostí

As soon as you are about to draw the FUP limit, you will receive an SMS inviting you to activate the summer offer. This can be activated in the My T-Mobile application immediately after receiving the notification, so you do not have to wait for your data limit to be completely used up. In the mobile application, you will see the volume of the data bonus obtained and the current drawdown status. In addition, you can use the bonus portion of data throughout the EU.

This time the holiday offer also applies to corporate customers and prepaid card holders. In the first case, the Mobile Internet Extra or Mobile Internet Extra Permanent package must be active on company SIM cards. If you buy these packages during the summer, you will take part in a competition for nine unspecified Xiaomi products.

It works similarly for subscriptions . If an annual or monthly package with automatic renewal is active for them, the data limit will be increased in a similar way during the emptying.

Hodně voláte, málo datujete? T-Mobile připravil výhodný tarif s neomezenými hovory a 1 GB dat za 285 Kč

If you run out of basic and bonus data during the summer months, you can also go to the T-Mobile store, where you will receive a waterproof bag in the colors of the operator, to which you can put mobile phone and other valuables. When staying by the water, you can be sure that the contents of the bag will remain dry. And if you really run out of data, the Still online service will still be available during the summer, which will offer a basic data connection even after the FUP is used up. , which you will use, for example, for timetables, banking operations or for basic text connectivity. However, you must also manually activate this service in the My T-Mobile application.

T-Mobile and the Always Online function:

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