Huawei is done with Android. Harmony OS will not be as fundamental a change as one might expect

The American ban on Huawei has been in place for more than 15 months, its effects are getting harder and the media are increasingly debating whether the company will be able to produce smartphones at all , because American technologies are in almost every piece of modern electronics. Huawei does not have secured processors for its next phones, there is talk of problems with the supply of displays and memory.

Despite all this, a bold statement comes. Huawei is leaving Android , Harmony OS should be running on all new phones next year. From the beginning, the distributed operating system was built to work on everything from watches to mobile phones to cars. The company has been offering TV with Harmony OS since last year. No more speculation , change confirmed by Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer division.

Harmony on phones will probably look the same as today’s Android extension. The company has invested a lot of money in the development of the user environment and at least from the beginning there will be no reason to change anything fundamental about it. Conversely, changes would be counterproductive , discouraging users.

In addition Harmony is supposed to run applications written for Android , which the company carefully collects in its App Gallery store. From the user’s point of view, therefore, this will not be as fundamental a change as it might seem at first glance. On the contrary, Harmony is supposed to be much more efficient in handling energy from the vat.

The gap is widening

On the other hand, the handicap that Huawei (and Honor) phones already have on the European market today can be expected to intensify further – so they will not run services from Google, which local users use en masse. Huawei has huge development and financial resources, but is embarking on a task that neither Samsung nor Microsoft has been able to do before.

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