How to temporarily disable the Instagram account

Come disattivare temporaneamente l’account Instagram

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It is useless to go around it too much or go in search of different meanings because the main reason that leads to the activation of an account Instagram is sharing your own photographs. Each user has a sort of bulletin board or a personal page where all the photos taken (or modified) of him are displayed. Other Instagram users can then leave comments or leave a small trace with expressing their liking or tap on the icon with the heart.

Like the most social platforms, Instagram can be addictive . With unwanted consequences. Here then may arise the need to temporarily disable the Instagram account. Some people may experience anxiety or even depression from spending too much time on the platform. The situation can be particularly difficult for younger people.

Why pause the Instagram account

Social media is a great tool for entertainment. But they can also have a negative effect on our mental health . Checking for notifications, constantly waiting for approvals with hearts or comments, comparisons with other Instagram accounts: managing a profile can be terribly stressful. Despite the awareness of the situation, we regularly return to the platform, thus fueling our addiction.

So, to get out of this impasse, the only solution is make a drastic decision, such as temporary deletion of the account and then proceed with the reactivation when you are really ready to go back and manage your profile with peace of mind. Mind you, not all Instagram users necessarily have to face such mental consequences. But social platforms are designed and engineered to keep attention. It is therefore little wonder if we are constantly looking for news and notifications.

What does it mean to temporarily suspend the Instagram account

Temporarily deactivating the Instagram account means that the photos, comments, likes and profile will be hidden and inaccessible until the profile is reactivated. It is therefore a fixed-term measure which will be followed by the complete and total restoration of all the content produced. Unlike what happens with the permanent deletion of the account which involves the loss of data and information.

How to disable Instagram temporarily

The temporary deactivation of the Instagram account passes from filling in a form after logging in with your data. Instagram has created a dedicated page in which he writes “You can disable your account instead of deleting it. Through this operation your account will be hidden until it is reactivated when you log in again. You can disable your account only once a week”.

I data to be filled in are two. The first is related to the reasons why the user is deactivating the Instagram account? Answers are pre-filled:

  • Too many commitments / It distracts me too much
  • I created another account
  • I want to remove something
  • Unable to find people to follow
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Too many listings
  • Initial Problems
  • I need a break
  • Other

The second module of the form requires the insertion (again) of the password. Finally, click on the blue button “Temporarily disable the account”. For activate the Instagram account again just run the ” access the application by entering your credentials.

And after pausing the Instagram account?

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s over. The account will no longer be accessible and the user cannot log back into their profile. At least until the break is over. There is no need for a reason to make this decision in the social media arena, and Instagram is no exception. Although, as we have seen, it is required to disclose the reasons, it is not a necessary requirement.

The extra step: the permanent deletion of the Instagram account

To complete the picture, we point out the possibility of permanently delete the Instagram account . In this way the user renounces all the contents produced without the possibility of reconsidering.

Underlining that this option can only be exercised from desktop and not from mobile, just connect to specific page e follow the same path as for pausing the account. With the difference that logging into the application by entering your credentials will not allow you to regain possession of the account. Consequently, the consequences of your decision must be carefully evaluated.

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