How to download the green pass on iPhone

Come scaricare il green pass su iPhone

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Have the green pass on your smartphone allows you to access with a simple tap the green covid-19 certification, necessary to be able to access some public places, and to be able to show it quickly and quickly without printing it and without going through third-party applications such as I or Immune :

Depending on the operating system of your smartphone, you follow different procedures to download the green pass on phone: here is the guide on how download the green pass on iPhone .

How to download the green pass

The green pass is automatically generated after having carried out the vaccine, after having received the negative result of a swab (in this case it is valid for 48 hours) or after having recovered from Covid-19. With the generation you receive a communication (email and / or sms) with a code called authcode, which must be used for download a copy of the green pass with attached QR code, necessary to pass the checks with the Verification C-19 application. The green pass can also be, as mentioned, download from the IO or Immuni app .

There are two different ways to download the green pass on iPhone: one is to add it to the Apple Wallet , the other is save it in the photo gallery . Let’s see together how to proceed in both ways.

How to download the green pass on Wallet

The green pass can be downloaded on iPhone using the Apple Wallet , the virtual wallet in which to store credit cards, train tickets and most of the documents with a QR code code, just like the green certification.

To add the Green Pass to Wallet, such as we have explained in detail in this guide , it is necessary to rely on an external site called CovidPass : we specify that not is an official site, but the service is safe, as all processing takes place directly on your smartphone (in short, your Green Pass is not loaded on any server) ; furthermore, the source code is open source .

To save the Green Pass on Wallet, the first thing to do is to save it as an image directly from the IO or Immuni app: open the Green Certificate, click the button Save at the bottom right and choose to save it as an image.

At this point open the website CovidPass from your iPhone using Safari , click on Select a File and choose the image of your Green Pass.

Set the color you prefer for the card you will find in the Wallet, accept the Privacy Policy, click on Add to Wallet, allow the site to add the ticket to the Wallet and finally click on Add at the top of right. At this point, to show the Green Pass, all you have to do is double click on the power button and click on the Certificate.

How to save the green pass in the Photo gallery

The alternative to the Wallet to have the green pass on iPhone is save it in the image gallery . To do this the quickest way is to open the IO app, which is accessed via SPID , and then click on “view” under “Green certification COVID-19”.

At that point just click on “save” and, from the window that opens, select “ save as picture in the gallery “. It is necessary to give the consent to IO to access the camera (you can select “select other photos” or “keep current selection”) and automatically the green pass will be saved in the gallery as the last photo taken.

A tip to find it more easily is save the green pass as a favorite : in this way it will not be necessary to scroll through the entire gallery to search for it among the photos in chronological order, but the certificate will be available in the “favorites” folder.

Alternatively it is possible to have the green pass on Iphone by making a screenshot of the QR Code from the IO app : once you have accessed the app, press and hold the “+” volume key and the power key to get a screenshot that will be saved automatically in the photo gallery. Also in this case the advice is to save the screenshot as a favorite in order to quickly access the green pass without having to scroll through the whole gallery to find it in case you take more photos.

It is then possible to download the green pass on Apple Watch : to do this it is necessary to follow a procedure that we have explained in detail in this one complete guide .

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