How to delete WhatsApp account

Come cancellare l'account di WhatsApp

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You have a WhatsApp account that you don’t use a lot and, therefore, have you decided to delete it? Maybe you use another instant messaging application or you just don’t like WhatsApp. Delete the account of WhatsApp and removing the app from your mobile device is quite simple. Have you already tried and failed? No problem, read on to find out how. We advise you to follow the instructions step by step, so as not to risk making mistakes and having to repeat the process.

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In the event that you stop using WhatsApp and delete the app, the account would remain active and your data would still be registered and shared with Meta , which owns WhatsApp. So, for delete the account there is a procedure to follow. Are you wondering how to do it? Want to know if there is a way to keep your contacts’ chats and phone numbers? Below you will find all the useful information. In short you will find out how to delete the WhatsApp account .

How to save WhatsApp conversations

Before proceeding with the cancellation of the ‘WhatsApp account we advise you to think about the conversations with your contacts and decide if you want to save them or not. Have you exchanged important information with your friends and family? Do chats have an emotional value and, therefore, would you like to keep them? Maybe in the future you may want to use the app again to chat with your contacts and you may have a history of the various conversations. Now is the time to decide and possibly proceed, before deleting your instant messaging app account. Once deleted, conversations and contacts cannot be recovered . Are you interested in knowing how to do it? If you have thought about it and want to save the WhatsApp conversations you will have to proceed with a backup . After this you can start by deleting your account.

How to delete WhatsApp account on Android

You have one Android smartphone and want to delete the account of Whatsapp? To do this you will have to follow the instructions we are about to illustrate:

  • Unlock the device if needed
  • Click on the WhatsApp icon to start the app
  • Tap on the three vertical dots that you will see at the top right of the screen with conversations
  • Select the Settings item, present in the menu that you will view
  • Press on Account, represented by an icon with the key
  • Click on the Delete account command
  • Write your phone number that is associated with the ‘WhatsApp account
  • Tap on the icon in red Delete account
  • Explain the reason why you want to delete your WhatsApp account; note that this is an optional step
  • Press Delete account again to confirm the operation

So if you have followed the steps carefully now you will know how to delete WhatsApp account on Android . It’s not over yet. At this point you just have to proceed with the uninstalling the app . Press and hold the icon and click on the Uninstall command that will appear. If you want to use the instant messaging app again in the future you will need to download it, install it and make a new registration .

How to delete WhatsApp account on iPhone

You have an iPhone and want to delete the WhatsApp account ? No problem, read on to find out how. You will need to:

Did you follow the instructions step by step? In this case you will now know how to delete WhatsApp account on iPhone . You just have to uninstall the application from your mobile device . In the same way as for Android, in case you want to use the instant messaging app again you should proceed by downloading the app from the App Store , with its installation and with a new registration to the service.

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