How to browse incognito on iPhone with Safari

Come navigare in incognito su iPhone con Safari

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You own an iPhone and you want to know how to browse incognito on the net ? Is there any way using Safari , the Apple browser, to do your own research on the net without leaving any trace. The incognito mode on iPhone is indicated as private browsing , precisely because your device does not register the websites that you will visit during its use once set. We are referring to the fact that cookies will not be recorded and the history will not be stored on the browser either.

Have you tried it before but failed? Don’t worry because in this guide you will find the explanation in detail. Take a few minutes of your time to read the various steps and at the end you will know how to browse incognito on the iPhone without any problems.

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Navigate in incognito on Safari

The browser you have available using Apple devices was the first to introduce the private browsing mode more than 15 years ago. How does it work? Safari starts a single web browsing page, which it is temporary. During its use, no traces of the web pages you visit are recorded. Furthermore, even if you choose to open several browsing windows, they will remain isolated from each other. In this way:

  • The browser will not save the history of the pages visited, nor the intelligent search. Furthermore, any forms that you have filled in with your data will not be taken into consideration
  • You will not browse any of your accounts. Even if the login is done on a normal page, it will not automatically be considered
  • The data of the incognito session are deleted and the related cookies deleted as soon as the private browsing window is closed

Surfing incognito on the iPhone means hiding your network activities at local device, so there will be no trace on your device of what you have done online. If someone else were to use the same device as you just after you they would not be able to retrieve the pages you visited, nor find out what you did while browsing.

Everything that happens while you browse with the incognito mode is not saved on your iCloud account and, consequently, it does not sync to any other connected Apple devices. Therefore, using private browsing can be a convenient option if you are using an iPhone that is not yours.

Enable private browsing on iPhone

Here we are at the moment of the explanation. If you want to know how to start private browsing on iPhone take the device. You will have to follow the steps we are about to explain to you. It is a really simple operation. Let’s begin:

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Open Safari browser
  • Tap the icon with the two squares Panels, which you will see at the bottom right of the screen
  • Click on the down arrow icon to see the listed panel groups
  • Select the icon with the private hand
  • Confirm with a tap on the Fine item

If you followed the instructions to the letter at this point you will have started the private browsing on iPhone . When incognito browsing is active, the browser’s address bar will be black instead of white as usual. You can start browsing with peace of mind remembering that nothing will be saved of what you do.

Disable private browsing on iPhone

You have already used this mode enough and now you want to disable private browsing on iPhone ? No problem, now we will explain how to do it. If you want to go back to surfing the net as before you will have to:

  • Unlock the iPhone in case you are not already using it
  • Start the Safari browser
  • Tap the Panels button you will see at the bottom right, indicated by the icon with the two squares
  • Click on the ‘Private icon, i.e. the arrow pointing downwards, to see the list of panel groups
  • Press on Panels, indicated by a smartphone icon
  • Confirm by tapping on the Fine item

At this point you will have disabled the private mode on Safari . Everything you visit on the web from now on will leave a trace on your device and on your account iCloud . If you have other devices synced with your iPhone, these will also keep track of what you do on the network.

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