Google takes you to visit the Pyramids of Meroe thanks to augmented reality

Google vi porta a visitare le Piramidi di Meroe grazie alla realtà aumentata

Vito Laminafra

The pyramids are not only present in Egypt: in Sudan there are in fact over 200 pyramids, called calls Pyramids of Meroe , built in Meroe, the third and final capital of the Kushite kingdom, an ancient African civilization that ruled the lands of Nubia for over 3000 years. Thanks to Google and augmented reality, it is now possible to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site with your smartphone.

To do this, just type “pyramids of meroe” in the Google search bar from your smartphone and scroll until you find the card relating to the 3D model of the pyramid: at this point, you can view the 3D model of the pyramids, which obviously can be rotated or enlarged to your liking, or view the pyramid in the “real world”, using augmented reality.

Besides this, you can learn more about the Pyramids of Meroe on this interactive page dedicated to them, which shows the 3D models of the pyramids, the construction techniques used and above all what is inside them.

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