Google Assistant strengthens its Snapshot function

Google Assistant is designed to make life easier for anyone overwhelmed by appointments and daily things to do.

Crédit : Google
Credit: Google

The Snapshot function must currently be launched by touching its icon in the Google Assistant application (it is the one at the bottom left). This snapshot can now be displayed simply by asking the assistant “ Hey Google, show me my day “… But for the moment, only in English. The search engine specifies, however, that more languages ​​will be added in the coming months.

Cooking recipes, birthdays, restaurants…

Snapshot, launched two years ago, is also benefiting from an update to strengthen its interest for users looking for an assistant able to organize their busy days. In addition to appointments, commute times to the office and reminders, the function will offer upcoming public holidays and vacations, as well as upcoming birthdays of loved ones. Currently, Snapshot offers weather, stock prices, news, and reminders from Gmail.

The Google Assistant snapshot will also suggest restaurants based on user tastes and preferences, podcasts, and recipes that will provide some inspiration for lunch or dinner. These recipe recommendations will be offered according to the time of day.

For the most important tasks, the Google Assistant will send notifications: flights to be taken, event updates, bills to pay, as well as birthdays. From the notification, it will even be possible to send an SMS, or even a virtual  greeting card!

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