Fastweb postpones the switch off of the 3G TIM network: here are the new dates

Fastweb in the last few hours published on its official website the new information that interests its customers on the network TIM , since it has to do with the start of the 3G network shutdown process . In fact, the lines indicate the new start and end switch off dates for each municipality in our area.

As per previous communication , starting from 13 June (and until 15 October, except for changes in the process) TIM, together with its second brand Kena Mobile , started the process of switching off the 3G technology of its mobile network.

In addition to the two operators mentioned above, also CoopVoce, Tiscali and Vianova have updated their information on the subject and the appeal was missing only Fastweb, but its turn has just come.

The users in question, who we reiterate are those whose network is based on the TIM one, can check the 3G network shutdown update for your Municipality, by clicking on “ Check here ” present in the communication on the site. For completeness, we make it available directly at the following address .

Specify to which user is referred to is lawful since Fastweb pursues a multi-supplier policy , by virtue of which it uses both TIM and WindTre as support networks for your own SIMs and remember that at the moment it is not possible to use both.

Those who will be most affected by this change are the owners of devices who use 3G at most or those 4G without VoLTE support.

The first case mentioned above will encounter slowdowns in navigation and all ‘impossibility to use the data connection at the same time as the calls. While, with regard to 4G smartphones without VoLTE , users will be able to continue to use 4G for their navigation, but during the calls the switch to 2G will take place, and therefore will not be able to use Internet traffic.

No impact will be recorded for those with devices that use 2G, 4G networks with VoLTE and 5G.

Starting from August 2021, the operator gradually activated VoLTE on a list of compative mobile devices. In this way, customers will be able to continue making and receiving calls while remaining on the 4G network, avoiding the “switch” to the 2G network, obtaining high definition in voice quality and the ability to continue surfing the Internet.

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