Chromebooks make working with Androids better. It quickly connects to Wi-Fi, headphones and retrieves photos from your phone

Google has confirmed on its blog the new features of Chromebooks in conjunction with smartphones running Android. Already last year, Google added the Phone Hub function, a kind of control center for your phone, through which you can reply to a text message, turn on tethering or find out the current battery status of your phone. The “Last photos” tab now automatically adds photos you take with your phone using wireless connectivity. Even if your Chromebook is offline. So it is no longer necessary to attach photos as attachments to otherwise empty e-mails …

Android function known Sharing in Neighborhood is also available for Chromebooks. You can share music, photos or other files wirelessly. It’s now possible to use this feature to send a Wi-Fi password stored on Android to a nearby Chromebook. Just go to the Wi-Fi network settings on your phone, and “share” the network via the Nearby Share feature. The network name and password will be sent to your Chromebook, and the device will automatically connect to this Wi-Fi. And next time he will remember the password to the network.

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The Phone Hub on your Chromebook will automatically pop up recent photos taken with an Android phone

Chromebooks will also learn Fast Pair pairing over the summer. Just turn on Bluetooth and the device will automatically notify you of nearby headphones. In addition, the Fast Pair connection is stored in your Google Account, so your Chromebook and new Android device will connect seamlessly in the future. This feature is available on hundreds of headphones, including Pixel Buds. However, they are not sold on the Czech market.

Source: Google Blog

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