Apple is preparing iPhones that will use the design “grater” of the Mac Pro

In 2019 Apple presented the renewed Mac Pro with a new design that everyone – and not unjustly – characterized as a cheese grater. A patent discovered by Patently Apple suggests that the company may use this design in iPhones and a new Mac Pro that looks like a bucket.

The patent states that technology has allowed the creation of devices very high performance, but none of the cases used by companies allow efficient management and dissipation of heat generated inside the devices.

Apple believes that the grid it designed is the solution to the problem as it increases the surface area of ​​the appliance without greatly increasing the volume and offers better cooling.

In the patent the company has put many implementations. In one we see an iPhone with a flat outline made of the lattice and on its back it has two large sections covered with the same grid. In another image we see an iPhone with a classic case, but below the screen it has an “X” made with the grid for better cooling.

apple grater mac pro design to iphone

The patent also shows computers. The most interesting project is a Mac Pro that looks like a cylinder. Apple has put two versions in the patent, both have the same design, but one is twice as tall as the other.

apple grater mac pro design to iphone

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