Apple has patented a crazy iPhone. It is made entirely of glass and has pull-out components

Although Apple has been one of the more conservative companies in recent years, it still manages to surprise new ideas in research and development. This is confirmed by the new patent , which shows a crazy iPhone with a display on all sides, including the top and bottom edges.

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The idea is that the content would flow smoothly from the front to the sides to the back, with the top and bottom to display quick information such as widgets. )

The concept is crazy, especially in how the phone would be repaired. Although there would be a display on all sides, it should be possible to remove the bottom one and simply slide out the necessary components. In some drawings, even the side is extended.

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The whole concept looks very futuristic, but using it in practice would probably be a lot annoying. Devices with displays on all sides would be difficult to protect effectively with covers, regardless of vulnerability to falls. Repair could then be more expensive than buying a whole new device … In addition, glass is heavier than aluminum, so the weight of the whole device would certainly increase.

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But it must be said that Apple would not be the very first to come up with something like this. Xiaomi tried something similar with the MiAlpha phone , which, however, remained “conservative” at the display from only four peripheral sides. Even so, the manufacturer made only a few pieces as a demonstration of what was possible, and the phone never went on sale.

For Apple, which is much more careful about “inefficient” prototype fads, it is very likely that we will not see anything like this in the coming years. Nevertheless, it is good to see that the company does not completely distance itself from revolutionary ideas. Although he doesn’t really want to implement them, or certainly not among the first, he has at least “on paper”.

Via: Patently Apple

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