Another communicator will offer a premium version. Snapchat Plus for money will show more information about friends

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Další komunikátor nabídne prémiovou verzi. Snapchat Plus za peníze ukáže více informací o kamarádech | logo: Snap

A few years ago, we considered it written off, despite strong competition from Meta, it was able to maintain and has been growing again recently. Now he is even preparing a novelty that may be crucial from a broader perspective. Snapchat prepares subscriptions and, following the example of competing services, marks it with the suffix “Plus”.

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Subscriptions are on the rise in many areas. Of course, there is music and currently especially film and serial services. A number of software services are sold for a subscription, and the legendary Photoshop, for example, you won’t even buy otherwise. Snapchat is one of the first communicators to put subscriptions into practice. Among the more well-known services, he was overtaken by Telegram , Twitter is also tested to a very limited extent Blue tariff .

Testing is currently internal. Snapchat Plus offers exclusive features. Currently, in the paid tariff, you will mark one of your friends as the best . You’ll also get access to a special set of icons, a profile badge, or information about how many times your friends have viewed the published story. to capture the position. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, who gained access to the service, it follows that the price is currently calculated at € 4.59 per month . Half-yearly and annual subscriptions will cost you less. However, internal testing is at the beginning, so the parameters can still change.

Sources: Alessandro Paluzzi / Twitter | The Verge

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