A great rarity. Take a look at the futuristic concept of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, a futuristic concept of a phone that is literally wrapped in a display, has arrived in Europe.

Jako dveře do budoucnosti! Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha je ze všech stran obalený displejem


The prototype received a titanium chassis, surrounded on all sides by an OLED display with a resolution of 2,088 × 2,250 pix. It is disturbed only by a ceramic strip, in which three cameras covered with sapphire glass are placed. The phone is heavy, it is obvious that the designers cared about the solid construction. Surprisingly, it does not slip in the palm, the finger holds better on the back than, for example, on glossy plastics or some Gorilla Glass.

The 108MPx camera appeared for the first time with the Mi Mix Alpha, which you can also use when taking selfies. The viewfinder moves to the back of the screen, where gadgets or widgets are otherwise displayed – that is, only after you turn the phone.

Že je 108 megapixelů v mobilu nesmysl? Xiaomi vám změní názor. Takhle fotí Mi Note 10


The left display side shows the date, time, notification icons and battery status, ie information that is usually in the Android download roller. It’s empty here. On the right side are virtual buttons for locking and volume control. In practice, this control does not work very well, tactile feedback is missing. At least the lock button on the top is real, you can also find it blindly and when you press it you feel a distinct click.

There is no space left for the conventional speaker / headphone, so the sound is output through the display by vibration. The fingerprint reader is also hidden in the display.

Unwanted complications

The concept looks attractive, but you will quickly run into problems using it. The phone uses a combination of hardware and algorithms to know which part of the hand you are holding and which you want to control. In practice, this does not work perfectly. The side edges of the display are not made of uniform curved glass, two panels are connected there, which can be seen and felt.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Product Video:

The phone will not go on sale, so the specifications do not matter so much. Inside runs a Snapdragon 855+ processor (at the time of the premiere it was a performance cap), which complements 12GB of RAM, 512GB of UFS 3.0 memory. The power supply is provided by a 4,050 mAh battery with fast 40W charging, which has an effective 3D animation. When charging, it is as if the display has turned into a container and the energy has filled it like a green liquid.

Last but not least, the concept looks fresh, so you will often just watch it with the display on without wanting to do anything with it …



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