Toshiba announces laptop with record-breaking battery life

Toshiba Dynabook Kira V634

The Japanese company Toshiba has officially unveiled a unique laptop with record-breaking battery life. The novelty is called Toshiba Dynabook Kira V634.

The new Dynabook Kira is based on Intel Core i5 processors with Intel Haswell architecture. It is equipped with a 13-inch display with a small resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels by today’s standards. The SSD is 128GB and the RAM is 8GB.

As already mentioned, Toshiba Dynabook Kira V634 has a long battery life. One battery charge, according to Toshiba, is enough for 22 hours of operation.

The laptop also received Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, a card reader, USB and HDMI ports, and a webcam. And as a software platform, the updated operating system Windows 8.1 was chosen, the announcement of which took place a month ago.

The start of sales of the new Dynabook Kira V634 notebook in the Japanese market is scheduled for November this year. There, its cost will be 1440 dollars. Whether the novelty will appear in other countries is still unknown.

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