Huawei is preparing a 240Hz e-Sports gaming monitor with mini LED backlight


An interesting news that we find out today is that Huawei is preparing to launch 3 monitors in the low-end, mid-end area and high-end. One of these will be an e-Sports gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and mini-LED backlight.

The reason why Huawei comes with news in this product segment is behind the high demand for gaming equipment, the boost being given during the coronavirus pandemic. We are now preparing for new Huawei and Honor monitors that have apparently already received 3C certification.

There will be Smart Display units and the fact that they share the same certification means that we have one and the same product, with differences in logo level. The supplier of the panels used here will be BOE Display. We also learn that one of these monitors will be 32 inches and will use 512 or 1024 partitions similar to the miniLED backlight.

We also find that the new Huawei monitors will be compatible with smartphones in a particularly similar way to the Realtek C-mount split-screen. This will provide support for the interactive operation of mobile phones and monitors.

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