Blackmagic has released a camera with 12K footage and a price tag of almost $ 10,000; Here's what it offers

Blackmagic is one of the landmarks when you want to buy an ultra high end camera thousands of euros to film professional vlogs like those of Marques Brownlee, but also film and documentary productions. Well, the company released a 12K camera this week, the Ursa Mini Pro 12K model. It costs almost $10,000.

The secret of this product? The sensor, which has undergone 4 years of development in the company’s laboratories. We are dealing with an 80 megapixel sensor, with a resolution of 12,288 x 6480 pixels, with 14 dynamic range stops and a native ISO of 800. The sensor has an equal number of red, green and blue pixels. At its native 12K resolution it can capture at 60 FPS, but it is also capable of capturing in 8K and 4K at 110 and 220 frames per second, respectively.

For those who are wondering who makes 12K capture, well professional filmmakers and vloggers need to have a lot of material to cut from and oversampling gives them flexibility in post-production. The camera also comes with interchangeable lenses, as well as two UHS-II SD slots for storage. It uses its own Blackmagic RAW codec, which is so flexible that it allows you to do 12K editing even on a laptop. We also have an internal viewfinder, a 4-inch touchscreen with Full HD resolution and OLED panel. It can display format, frame rate, ISO, white balance and many other useful information.

The camera also has Bluetooth and can be controlled from the iPad with an official application. It is also compatible with iPhones and Android phones. On board we also find a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 port, which allows you to connect SSDs.

The final price is $ 9995 and can be considered small in addition to what Red or Canon require for Cinema cameras.

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