AMD has created a 3D chipplet with 15 times higher density

Dr. Lisa Su announced a breakthrough in chips with 3D technology during Computex 2021
(photo: AMD / YouTube )

The President and the CEO of AMD Dr. Lisa Soo Announces New 3D Chiplet Technology During Exhibition Computex 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan. The technology is designed for powerful computing systems, the automotive industry and mobile devices.

This is another breakthrough in the organization of chips with 3D technology.  AMD combines its innovative chiplet architecture with 3D stacking, which achieves over 200 times higher internal link density than 2D chipsets and over 15 times higher density than existing 3D chip assembly solutions.

AMD’s achievement is realized in close cooperation with the Taiwanese company TSMC and has -low energy consumption from the known 3D solutions.

AMD also showed the first application of its 3D chiplet technology – 3D vertical cache memory connected to a processor of the series Ryzen 5000. This solution is expected to provide a significant increase in performance in many applications. The company plans to start production of high-end computing products with 3D chiplets by the end of the year.

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