Valheim released a small patch with new content

The developers of Valheim published the latest blog issue, where told about the patch release and upcoming updates for the game.

The authors hinted that with today’s patch, players are waiting for “what they have been waiting for” and advised to look into the swamps. Something strange is supposedly happening there, and the Vikings who visit these places may receive materials for completely new buildings.

The creators added that the patch was just one of the stops on the way to the upcoming major update related to the Misty Lands. According to the developers, the local location is already “taking shape”, but something mysterious may be hidden behind the fog.

In addition, the authors have begun work on an update that will affect the caves in the mountain biome – wolves or something more ferocious can be added there.

Finally, the players were reminded of the recent soundtrack release and the project’s nominations for The Game Awards . Valheim is featured in Best Multiplayer Game and Best Indie Debut .

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