There has never been such a flight simulator. Close to ideal?

Microsoft Flight Simulator received virtual reality support as part of the new update. Popular glasses from HTC or Oculus are supported.

As part of VR support, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be compatible with goggles that work with OpenXR, Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, or Valve Index. The implementation of VR took place in the last update, and activating this mode is a simple process, it is enough to press the selected key at any time, and then we will immediately go to virtual reality.

Since Microsoft’s flight simulator graphics are at a high level, playing with glasses can greatly enhance the experience. Unfortunately, VR mode is not available on consoles, although the developers do not rule out that the Xbox Series X / S may receive such an option in the future. The addition of VR is a response to a fan request from fans of the series, who have shown interest in the mode since the release of this game.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Flight Simulator made it to the Xbox Game Pass, so if anyone has considered such a purchase, they have the option to check it out as part of a subscription that is available in various promotions. If you’re playing on Xbox One, there are unfortunately a lot of indications that Microsoft Flight Simulator will skip this generation of the console, which was suggested by a trailer saying the project is aimed at “brand new Xbox”. And what will actually happen, we will find out after a while.

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