The gameplay of the mobile Warcraft Arclight Rumble has appeared on the network

Company Blizzard yesterday began the first stage of closed beta testing of a new mobile strategic action game Warcraft Arclight Rumble. So far, access is open only to residents of Australia. And the players who made it to the test server have already posted their gameplay footage.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble announcement has taken place on May 3rd, and players weren’t thrilled with the direction the developers were taking their legendary series. The company was accused of pumping money, although Blizzard assured that loot boxes and gacha mechanics were not planned.В сети появился игровой процесс мобильной Warcraft Arclight Rumble

The first acquaintance with the new mobile game showed another problem: in a single company, the passage of each of the missions takes about 6-10 minutes. Battles are unhurried, and often do not require any participation of the player. Most of the contributors are asking for ways to speed up the process.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is due out later this year on iOS and Android.В сети появился игровой процесс мобильной Warcraft Arclight Rumble

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