Steam gives away the Russian “resource manager” Despotism 3k for free

On Steam there is a free giveaway of a “resource manager” with roguelike elements Despotism 3k by the Russian studio Konfa Games — you can get the game to your account until August 12.

Promotion timed for the imminent release of the full version of Despot’s Game, which will leave Early Access on September 15th. In addition, Konfa Games announced the addition “Trials” – it is a test site with 20 missions and no random generation.

Release The DLC will also take place on September 15th. By the way, all those who manage to purchase Despot’s Game before its release will receive “Tests” for free. If the game is already in your library, the expansion will be available at no additional cost on the day of release.

Despot’s Game is a tactical roguelike set in a mysterious post-apocalyptic labyrinth. Crowds of people find themselves in it without memories and clothes, but with weapons. Making your way to the solution of what is happening, you can meet not only monsters, but also other players.


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