Square Enix is ​​preparing news in honor of the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy – they will be shared soon

Square Enix Preparing 35th Anniversary Newsletter Final Fantasy — they will be shared very soon, this or next month.

Recall that the series will celebrate its anniversary in December. The company wants to focus this year around one major franchise, with plans to release several new titles in fiscal 2023. Final Fantasy XVI, the development of which is almost completed – a new trailer will appear coming soon.

It is also reported that the $300 million that Square Enix will receive after sales of part of their studios and IP Embracer Group, will not be invested in NFT , but will go to strengthen the core business.

Square Enix said that wants to open new game studios. Earlier there were speculations that the company was experiencing difficulties in managing foreign projects, which is why it decided to make a deal with the Embracer Group. There is a possibility that Square Enix plans to open studios in Japan.

Previously Square Enix shared another financial report, from which it became clear that she owes her annual income to Final Fantasy XIV. The company also managed to register a new trademark Emberstoria Overwrite and two domains.

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