Sony fixes an annoying PlayStation 5 issue with PS4 games

Users are now warned about the launch of the PS4 version of games and are prompted to switch to the PS5 version

Image source: IXBT

Sony has fixed one of the most annoying problems with PlayStation 5, which has been frequently complained about by users.

The change was not officially announced, but it was noticed by gamers. We are talking about the backward compatibility of the console with games created for the PlayStation 4. It was not implemented as perfectly as the users would like.

The thing is that users often did not understand which version of the game they were using – for PS5 or PS4. Simply put, it was all too easy to accidentally install an older PS4 game instead of the more modern PS5.

The innovation was noticed by the well-known informant Tidux, who regularly supplied the public with the freshest leaks before the release of new generation consoles. On his Twitter page, he posted a screenshot with an alert, where the PlayStation 5 user is asked to confirm whether he really wants to play the PS4 version, or is it better to switch to the PS5 version.

Image source: IXBT

This seemingly small change in the interface has already caused a lively response from users on social networks and on thematic resources.

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